The Ultimate Rinse Cup™

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Puck. Rinse. Repeat. 🎨

  1. Brush holder for 30 brushes fits on common cups and mugs
  2. Spill-preventing flaps prevent un-wanted messes
  3. Built-in tray catches excess brush runoff when in storage
  4. Use as a pallet, peel dried paint from flexible silicone to clean
  5. Dual Squeegee Lips capture moisture in one swift motion. Multiple size, color, and accessory configurations
  6. Patented Puck-Brush cleaner, soft silicone gently and quickly pulls paint
  7. Wide base and grippy silicone stay planted and prevent spills

Now dreadful memories of crusty tips and big messes can be neatly pucked away and forgotten about! The Paint Puck Rinse Cup allows you to clean as you paint, and easily dry in an extremely organized fashion after each use. Leaving it ready for you, when you’re ready for it. Our patented silicone nubs on the base allow for paint to be easily extracted from your brushes in seconds! Which eliminates damaging habits, while extending the lifespan of your brushes—saving you time and money. With 4 different colors, you can find your best fit! Buy Now.

Not for use with mineral solvents or turp! Check out our Mini Pucks for Oils!

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Paint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ Review
Great tool

Great painting tool. Is easy to use and holds all kinds of paint brushes. Wish the cup was a little taller to hold more water but is great for any project.

Paint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ ReviewPaint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ Review
Increased child painter independence by more than double.

My 9 year old has been painting for a pandemic hobby! Painting though is messy! This brush cleaning cup was a great value because it increased his independence by so much. He was able to rinse and clean his own brush, he knew what to do with his brush when he wanted to change brushes, the drip tray controlled mess. The cup was easy to assemble and easy to clean.

E. ONeill
Paint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ Review
Expensive, but nifty!

This jar is so cool. I wanted something I could use to hang my brushes upside down so water will not drain in the ferrule of my brushes. This thing does that, and more! It is a rubbery type of material so the pigment from my watercolors don't get stuck to it, and make it look dingy. It also has little lips on the inside to rub water off of my brush, before this I would use the edge of whatever plastic cup I was using and the water would drip down and leave stains, so thats a plus (that I wasn't even thinking about) Unfortunately, it is thirty-something dollars. My hubby was so sweet and bought it for me even though I thought it was pricey. I don't think it is worth the money you spend, but it is nifty, and I will be keeping the item.

Madilyn D.
Paint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ ReviewPaint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ Review
Great for cleaning makeup brushes!

I love this brush cleaner! It did the job for my makeup brushes. It was gentle but thorough. If you vigorously rub the brush on the bottom, I’m sure you could do some damage. However, I was gentle with mine. I took the removable top off to have better access to clean. I then added bare minerals makeup brush cleaner. I used a lot less cleaner than normal because I just added some to my hot water. Afterwards, I easily cleaned up the paint puck. I placed the top back on and let my brushes air dry. Great experience! I’ll never hate cleaning my brushes again.

Paint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ ReviewPaint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ ReviewPaint Puck The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ Review
Nice design and good quality

I purchased the medium paint puck for my daughter to have something more stable to put her rinse water in. She is an avid artist for an 8yr old. She was excited about the cleaning features. I like that it has a place to catch water and dry brushes too. It also takes up very little space.


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