Paint Puck® (3-PACK) Original Paint Brush Cleaner

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Puck. Stick. Rinse. 

Pack of 3

Make pucking as funky or formed as the art you paint. In a variety of colors, you can puck your way! Simply select the colors you like; puck em inside the walls or at the your rinse cup, or the rinsing object of your liking; and start painting. This is the best way to personalize your painting experience, while making your creative process time-effective and fun. 

  • Smart Paint Brush Cup Insert – This small, versatile fits into Mason jars, paint brush cleaning jars, and cups to make cleaning and washing off brushes simple and easy.

  • Suction Cupped Bottom – Each oil paint brush cleaner also features a suction cup on the bottom to keep them safely in place on the bottom of glass or plastic rinse jars.

  • Brush-Safe Silicone Nubs – The Paint Puck paintbrush cleaner tool features soft, silicone agitators that easily clean paint from deep within brushes with less effort.

  • Save Time, Effort, and Brushes – A compact, more portable paint brush cleaning solution over big jars, these are ideal for school classrooms, art classes or home use.

  • Heavy-Duty, Reusable Design – The dishwasher-safe silicone craftsmanship makes it gentle on soft paint brush bristles and durable enough for home or classroom use.

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Indispensable Tool for Miniature Painters

I have one or two of these pucks in every one of my paint water vessels (coffee mugs, don't judge me). They are great for quickly getting paint out of brushes without damaging them or driving paint up into the ferrule. Any paint that sticks to them is temporary, as they wash easily with a little soap and water in the sink, then I went them and stick them back onto the side and bottom of my mug, refill with water, and back to painting.

Luke S.
United States

Very easy, thorough clean

It just takes a little swish with my watercolor brush to clean it, with these. Very pleased, these are a great addition to my watercolor tools. It should greatly reduce the wear and tear on my brushes. You do have to learn how to deal with the rocking of it, since the suction cup has a fairly narrow neck. But, I've never seen anything like these before, and I really love them, after using them. I use the "Bonne Maman" jam jars for my water, and these fit perfectly inside. Recommend.


Not sure why people are hating on these…

I took the advice of another reviewer and put this on the side of my glass and I have yet to have it fall off unless it’s in an empty jar. I put it down at the bottom of one of my jars and pushed it down to get suction and I had to get a pair of long pliers to get it out because it was stuck so well. Im using these for watercolors. I use tall thin (in diameter) jars for canning and these pucks fit in there with just a small amount of wiggle room which is why I couldn’t get the puck out….I should’ve just waited for the jar to dry and then it would have lost suction (duh!) also you really don’t want the puck to far under the water because it’s probably not good to submerge the brushes that far… Im very pleased with these and when you use them just make sure the suction cup is wet and you stick it down and push on it with your finger or a paint brush.

D. Wold

Position makes all the difference!

All the reviews are mostly going to say these ****! All puns intended! They really do **** for the most part, that was until I figured out they work way better when suctioned to the side of the cup. The suction cup itself makes the puck wobbly when laying flat at the bottom of the cup causing you to pop it loose a lot while jamming your brushes. One day I moved it to the side of the cup and all my issues with these pucks went away. The major plus to having the puck on the side of your cup is that you can clean your brushes in a direction that does not damage your brushes. If the puck was at the bottom of the cup, you would still end up jamming your brushes trying to use the puck to get the paint out. Is it a perfect product-definitely not! Once you figure out the side of the cup works better, then it turns into a decent product.

Kitchen V.

Absolute must have for a paintbrush rinse cup.

I stick 2 of these in my rinse cups and it makes cleaning my brush while painting a cake walk. Super easy to clean as well nothing sticks. Keeps my brush nice and clean. Highly recommend these for literally anyone who paints with a rinse cup.

Brandon A.

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