Rinsing Through Time!

Common Rinse Cup habits used to include smashing brushes against the smooth, uncaring sides and bottom. Water alone quickly becomes hopeless in freeing unwanted paint from your brush, and after minutes of brush abuse, you'd finally feel confident to get going with a new color.

But now, the Paint Puck Brush Cleaner actively improves your artistic process! Submerge the Paint Puck in your rinse cup, and SAVE TIME now that you can de-paint brushes in seconds. SAVE WATER while you're at it! While your Paint Puck effortlessly hyper-saturates your rinse water, you'll be spending way less time at the sink. Lastly, SAVE BRUSHES with the soft, gentle Paint Puck nubs! The traditional coil and other rigid alternates are notoriously harsh on brush head bristles, almost as bad as using nothing at all!

We first began selling our patented Paint Puck cleaning disks because we wanted to solve a problem for people that they may not have even realized they had!

Paint brushes get destroyed so easily by the bad habits that we tend to form within the very backbone of our artistic process; the rinse cup. Impatient and brutal as human beings, we scrape and drag our brushes against the inside of our rinse cups once the water becomes to dirty to diligently freshen our brushes on its own; which we all know to be almost immediately.

Our Paint Puck cleaning disk fixes this. It allows you spend less time going back and forth to the sink during painting. This way you save water as well as time, and most importantly, you preserve the quality of your brushes, as the soft silicone disk gingerly separates the paint particles from the individual hairs.