Paint Puck® Box of 25

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This smaller assortment of Paint Pucks is the perfect size for any group class or studio purchase! Applicable for anything between Kindergarten classroom to Paint and Sip classes.

Common Rinse Cup habits used to include smashing brushes against the smooth, uncaring sides and bottom. Water alone quickly becomes hopeless in freeing unwanted paint from your brush, and after minutes of brush abuse, you'd finally feel confident to get going with a new color.

  • Smart Paint Brush Cup Insert – This small, versatile fits into Mason jars, paint brush cleaning jars, and cups to make cleaning and washing off brushes simple and easy.
  • Suction Cupped Bottom – Each oil paint brush cleaner also features a suction cup on the bottom to keep them safely in place on the bottom of glass or plastic rinse jars.
  • Brush-Safe Silicone Nubs – The Paint Puck paintbrush cleaner tool features soft, silicone agitators that easily clean paint from deep within brushes with less effort.
  • Save Time, Effort, and Brushes – A compact, more portable paint brush cleaning solution over big jars, these are ideal for school classrooms, art classes or home use.
  • Heavy-Duty, Reusable Design – The dishwasher safe silicone craftsmanship makes it gentle on soft paint brush bristles and durable enough for home or classroom use.


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